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About us


We are a firm consisting of experienced associates that offer an immerse experience through Sustainability, Architecture, Engineering, Planning, Project Management, Construction and Consulting. Moreover, we are:

  • Collaborating with highly experienced and knowledgeable teams to enrich and expand our services and results.
  • Consulting the customers by evaluating potential buildings plots and provide the optimum solution in different sectors.
  • Installing Solar Panels: Our team of engineers, specialists in photovoltaic systems, uses the most modern methods of locating and evaluating pieces of land to ensure that all our clients find the most suitable solution for their projects.
  • Providing integrated services in the field of energy saving and sustainable building design, with emphasis on the climate analysis, the adaptation of ecological materials and ecological construction methods, the integration of renewable energy systems and the application of passive solar systems, ensuring optimal results.
  • Applying Architecture techniques that guarantee a comprehensive approach to the user’s needs, functional and technical requirements, energy efficiency and aesthetics. Quality, innovation, and sustainability are the principals of the firm, while using cutting-edge technology that constantly upgrades the design services to our clients.
  • Treating each project in a unique way. Complexity in our projects, as collections of smaller studies, creating extensive design systems with great clarity and attention to detail. We insist on design excellence, master commitment and exceptional customer service.

Our home is Greece, a country of resources and inspiring natural beauty, where cultural identity is based on being out and about and making optimal economical use of local materials and agriculture to provide nourishing hospitality to visitors. We create handcrafted architectural experiences informed by tradition, enriched by materiality and inspired by modern life.  Our goal is to design comfortable and naturally luxurious spaces, while making minimal interventions, using minimal resources and working with the elements of nature. 


  • Architecture

  • Building Restoration and Reuse

  • Sustainable buildings

  • Solar Panel Installation

  • Interior Design

  • Urban Design & Planning

  • Energy Performance Upgrading

  • Landscape Architecture

  • Building Permits , Documentation and Legalisations

  • Project Management

  • Construction

  • Consult

Google reviews:

Excellent cooperation, innovative ideas, excellent services and always within budget, good job!


Excellent cooperation! They found us the perfect solution that no one else - of those we had contacted - had suggested!
Thanks for all !!