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Residential Project

The interior design of the apartment in Corfu is made mostly with natural elements and modern aesthetics, fulfilling the everyday needs of the residents, and creating, at the same time, a high-quality living environment.

The plan was to design an open space kitchen - dinning - living room, an elegant WC with a floor standing basin faucet as a dominant feature, an elegant bathroom with black details and natural elements, a cozy bedroom, and a warm nook. The ceiling was similarly clad with processed wood in all the rooms, creating a cozy and visually comfortable nest.



Paxiot Villa

The character of the house is a palette of traditional materials such as stone and wood, intertwined with modern techniques that bridge cultural heritage with modern life.

Hand-built stone walls will be traditionally rendered. The customary pergola will be designed to embrace the units, providing shade, and protecting the courtyard beneath. The plain volumes, the stone walls and the pergola interact with the Paxiot landscape.

The layout of the villa together with the courtyard will enhance daily life.

The villa is influenced by Paxiot tradition, enriched by natural materials and inspired by contemporary summer living.

Office in Corfu

Aesthetic, functionality and energy efficiency was the main goals for the office in Corfu.

The workspace has been designed in order to represent the latest office trends for maximum flexibility, collaboration and partnership. In the meantime, an independent convention area with support functions was created.

Corfiot Villa

Project will be uploaded soon.

Apergatika Villa

Project will be uploaded soon.

Lakka Project

Project will be uploaded soon.